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EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower

£2,698.99 INC. VAT (£2,249.16 EXC. VAT)
£2,698.99 INC. VAT (£2,249.16 EXC. VAT)
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£2,698.99 INC. VAT (£2,249.16 EXC. VAT)
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£2,698.99 INC. VAT (£2,249.16 EXC. VAT)
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EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower-PowerlandEcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower-PowerlandEcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower-PowerlandEcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower-PowerlandEcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower-Powerland

Eco Flow Blade Robot Lawn Sweeper

If you're looking for a robotic lawn mower, the EcoFlow BLADE robotic lawn mower is for you. The EcoFlow BLADE is the world's first intelligent robotic lawnmower with wireless limits, obstacle avoidance, anti-theft, rain sensor and lawn cleaning kit.

The Ecoflow Blade is more than a robotic lawnmower

EcoFlow BLADE offers a complete lawn service, from simple trimming to complete makeovers. A lawn cleaning kit can be quickly attached to the EcoFlow BLADE to remove unwanted debris such as leaves, branches and debris from your yard. Thanks to the EcoFlow BLADE robotic lawnmower, you can grow the most beautiful lawn in your neighborhood without any hassle. wireless limits. With EcoFlow's virtual demarcation technology, there's no need to build destructive wire barriers. Instead, set your EcoFlow BLADE's mowing limits in minutes using the EcoFlow app, saving valuable setup time. You can also adjust the EcoFlow BLADE to stay within range of your garden and avoid obstacles such as flowerbeds and shrubs.

Whether you're remodeling your lawn or redesigning your garden, the EcoFlow app has an easily editable border feature that you can set with just a few taps.

Intelligent obstacle avoidance

The EcoFlow BLADE uses EcoFlow's latest cutting-edge technology, X-Vision. The EcoFlow BLADE combines vision sensors and LiDAR to intelligently detect and avoid obstacles large and small, from patio furniture to your neighborhood's award-winning begonias.

EcoFlow BLADE uses automatic route planning with real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning technology to avoid unwanted obstacles within an inch of your original plan, so you'll never get stuck or miss a cut.


The EcoFlow BLADE stands out from the rest with an industry-first design for enhanced cutting performance. It has omnidirectional front wheels with a diameter of 200 mm, which is up to twice as large as a conventional robotic mower. Its wide, sturdy design effortlessly traverses rough terrain, climbs over obstacles up to 1.6 inches, and climbs up to 50% inclines.

With a huge cutting area of ​​up to 3000 square meters, a cutting height range of 20-76 mm and an industry-leading cutting width of 260 mm, the EcoFlow BLADE is a real eye-catcher. The cutting height can be easily and quickly adjusted within seconds within the app, giving you complete control. Eco-flow blade with emphasis on durability.

Mowing and sweeping is hard work.

The EcoFlow BLADE is designed to withstand the elements and theft. With 4G, GPS and an integrated eSim, you can track your EcoFlow BLADE's location wherever you are. An integrated rain sensor detects showers or inclement weather and automatically sends the EcoFlow BLADE back to its charger to keep your lawn clear of mud and mottling.

The BLADE is also easy to clean and maintain. With an IPX5 waterproof rating, you can hose down the BLADE with a low pressure jet or high pressure washer to remove dirt and grime from the wheels.

  • Cutting height 20-76mm
  • Obstacle Climbing Up to 40mm
  • Obstacle avoidance Yes
  • Cutting area Up to 3000㎡
  • Virtual boundary Yes
  • Front-wheel diameter 200m
  • Front-wheel design Omni-directional front wheels
  • Sensor LiDAR + Camer
  • APP control Yes
  • Noise level ≤6dB
  • Weight About 16Kg
  • Size About 66*44*31cm
  • Waterproof IPX5
  • Battery capacity 298Wh
  • Battery life 240mins
  • Recharge time* About 130mins
  • *Charge time needed to 85% under room temperature.

Model: BLADE
Brand: EcoFlow