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K&N Dual String DC Switch Disconnector 25A 220V - 11A 460V (per string)

£33.24 INC. VAT (£27.70 EXC. VAT)
£33.24 INC. VAT (£27.70 EXC. VAT)
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£33.24 INC. VAT (£27.70 EXC. VAT)
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£33.24 INC. VAT (£27.70 EXC. VAT)
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K&N Dual String DC Switch Disconnector 25A 220V - 11A 460V (per string)-Powerland
  • Part No: KG20-T104GB Switches - DC Isolators

      Kraus & Naimer DC Switch

      Switch - Disconnectors, 4 pole - for 2 strings

      IP66/67 Protection

      Black/Grey Padlockable Handle – lockable in the OFF-position

      Class II compliant, Grey Insulated Enclosure

      Switch Interlocked with lid to prevent opening in “ON” position

      Rated for use in ambient temperatures of 50°C

      UK Please note: We will have reduced availbility of K&N switch gear for the immediate future. We have sourced alternative options for this period of low stock, please contact your account manager for more information.

      Supplier Part No: KG20 T104/GB-P103 KL51V
      Weight: 0.43 kg
      Poles: 4
      Max Cable: 6 mm2
      Max Voltage: 460 V
      Rated Current: 25 A
      Rated Voltage: 220 V
      Rated Current: 21 A
      Rated Voltage: 280 V
      Rated Current: 20 A
      Rated Voltage: 340 V
      Rated Current: 18 A
      Rated Voltage: 400 V
      Rated Current: 11 A
      Rated Voltage: 460 V
      Kraus & Naimer

      Established in 1907 in Austria, Kraus & Naimer has grown to be one of world's highest quality and largest switch manufacturer in the world.

      For over 100 years Kraus & Naimer have been manufacturing top quality electrical switches and now offer the widest range of solar photovoltaic AC and DC isolators on the market.

      Every solar PV system requires at least one DC disconnector to isolate the PV array from the input to the inverter and at least one AC disconnector to isolate the inverter from the mains supply.

      Choosing a well proven and high quality product for these small but vital parts of any PV system is essential and there is no safer choice than Kraus & Naimer.