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Solis 5kW 3phase High Voltage Hybrid 5G Inverter

£1,538.40 INC. VAT (£1,282.00 EXC. VAT)
£1,538.40 INC. VAT (£1,282.00 EXC. VAT)
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£1,538.40 INC. VAT (£1,282.00 EXC. VAT)
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£1,538.40 INC. VAT (£1,282.00 EXC. VAT)
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Solis 5kW 3phase High Voltage Hybrid 5G Inverter-Powerland

    • Part No: SOL-RHI-3P5K-HVES-5G-DC Storage Systems - Hybrid Inverter

        This is the perfect three phase hybrid solution for medium to large houses and business use as well.

        Product features

        • 2 x MPPT and 4 DC input at max of 26A
        • 3 x operation modes Self-consumption; time of use; off-grid backup
        • 4 models range from 5KW to 10 KW output as well as backup
        • Supporting Li-ion high voltage batteries ranging from 160 to 600VDC
        • Time of use shifting peak shaving capabilities to grid
        • Intelligent EMS function
        • Supporting three-phase imbalance
        • 24-hour monitor and management system
        • Remotely control and upgrade any selected inverter

        Supplier Part No: Solis-RHI-3P5K-HVES-5G-DC
        Weight: 25.1 kg
        Rated Power: 5,000 W
        Min PPT Voltage: 160 V
        Max PPT Voltage: 850 V
        DC Startup Voltage: 160 V
        DC Shutdown Voltage: 160 V
        Max Input Voltage: 1,000 V
        Max DC Power: 8,000 W
        Max AC Power (5 Minutes): 5,500 W
        Surge AC Power (1 Second): 6,000 W
        Max DC Current: 26 A
        Max DC Inputs: 2
        Has DC Fuses: 0
        Connector: MC4
        Included Connectors: 4
        Euro Efficiency: 97.7 %
        Transformer: HF
        MPPT Quantity : 2
        Has Integrated DC Switch: Yes
        Warranty: 5 years

        Designed by world leading research and development team made by professors and specialists from 8 countries, Solis inverters are praised by clients and customs all over the world due to the high quality and reliability with the feature of ultra wide input voltage, precise MPPT algorithm, and Max. efficiency over 97%, which made Ginlong brand one of the most performance-cost inverters in the world.