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Solis Energy Storage 4.6kW Hybrid 5G Inverter with DC switch

£1,314.22 INC. VAT (£1,095.18 EXC. VAT)
£1,314.22 INC. VAT (£1,095.18 EXC. VAT)
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£1,314.22 INC. VAT (£1,095.18 EXC. VAT)
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£1,314.22 INC. VAT (£1,095.18 EXC. VAT)
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Solis Energy Storage 4.6kW Hybrid 5G Inverter with DC switch-Powerland


Part No: SOL-4.6K-RHI-48ES-5G-DC

      Storage Systems - Hybrid Inverter

Solis new 5G Hybrid inverter range that support power for important loads during load shedding as well as saving power during peak demands. Making this the ideal solution you always wanted.

Product Features

  • Fanless design IP65

  • High charge and discharge efficiency

  • Multiple work modes resulting in max self-consumption

  • Intelligent BMS function

  • 24 hour real-time intelligent energy management

  • Remotely control & upgrade

Supplier Part No: S5-EH1P4.6K-L
Weight: 21 kg
Rated Power: 4,600 W
Min PPT Voltage: 120 V
Max PPT Voltage: 520 V
DC Startup Voltage: 120 V
DC Shutdown Voltage: 90 V
Max Input Voltage: 600 V
Max DC Power: 8,000 W
Max AC Power (5 Minutes): 5,060 W
Surge AC Power (1 Second): 5,520 W
Max DC Current: 27.52 A
Max DC Inputs: 2
Has DC Fuses: 0
Connector: MC4
Included Connectors: 2
Euro Efficiency: 96.8 %
Transformer: None
MPPT Quantity : 2
Has Integrated DC Switch: Yes
Warranty: 5 years